2014 Midwest Natural Bodybuilding, Fit Body, and Figure Championships

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2014 Midwest Natural Bodybuilding
     Fit Body & Figure Championships

October 11, 2014 – Sponsored by Ford’s Gym in Madison, Wisconsin

Men’s Masters (40 and over)
1st Robert Burmah
2nd Todd Allion
3rd Tim Hardyman

Men’s Masters (50 and over)
1st Tim Hardyman

Women’s Bodybuilding
Masters (40 and over)
1st Kris Cleven*
2nd Jessica Allion

Women’s Bodybuilding – Lightweight
1st Kris Cleven*
2nd Megan Nicholson

Women’s Bodybuilding – Heavyweight
1st Jessica Allion

Women’s Fit Body – Short
1st Noel Angotti-Brue*
2nd Nancy Troia
3rd Jane Dias
4th Karyn Lindsey
5th Sarah Zastrow

Women’s Fit Body – Tall
1st Megan Nicholson
2nd Amy Ollerman
3rd Denise Milanowski
4th Stephanie Drescher

Women’s Masters Figure
(40 and over)
1st Jane Dias
2nd Paula Anschutz
3rd Felicia Christianson
4th Karyn Lindsey
5th Julie Menor

Women’s Figure – Short
1st Jane Dias
2nd Samantha Ross
3rd Alicia Constonguay
4th Amy Garza
5th Holly Hooyman

Women’s Figure – Medium
1st Theresa Faudree
2nd Paula Anschutz
3rd Mannie Schelvan
4th Breanne Drobac
5th Julie Menor

Women’s Figure – Tall
1st Amy Ollerman*
2nd Felicia Christianson
3rd Denise Milanowski
4th Stephanie Drescher
5th Jessica Karczewski

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

1st David Haselton
2nd Todd Allion
3rd Miguel Salinas
4th Solomon Taylor
5th Kao Saechao

1st Nikolay Markov
2nd Jerome Hanson
3rd Rob Burmah
4th Ben Swoboda
5th Cody Stewart

1st Christopher Hammond
2nd Doug Hawver
3rd Jesus Contreras
4th Andy Malliet
5th Dennis Rivera

Light Heavyweight
1st Keith Hawver*
2nd Brad Richardson

1st Zak Heimerman
2nd Stuart Weasner
3rd Brennan Sedivy
4th Roberto Carrasquillo